Huidong Gao, Ph.D

Engineer, Pemex Deer Park Refinery




Dr. Huidong Gao graduated from Penn State University with a Ph.D in Engineering Science and Mechanics with research focus on ultrasonics NDE in 2007. Before that, he obtained his B.S. in Physics from Department for Intensive Instruction in 2000, and M.S. in Acoustics from Institute of Acoustics in 2003, both from Nanjing University.

Since 2007, Dr. Gao has been preforming research, technology development and deployment related to nondestructive testing at Innerspec Technologies, Shell, and now at Pemex Deer Park refinery. Over the years, his research area ranged from Laser ultrasonics, micro ultrasonic devices, ultrasonic guided waves, electromagnetic acoustic transducers, to challenge problem solving in aerospace, oil and gas and petrochemical industries. He has published 40+ journal and conference papers in IEEE, Elsevier, ASME, ASNT, SPIE, and QDE, 2 books on ultrasonic testing at ASNT, and Ultrasonic guided waves in solid media (Chinese Version) in Science Press and Cambridge University Press.

Dr. Gao is a contributing editor for Materials Evaluation, the magazine from ASNT. Dr. Gao is also active in ASME Section BPVC, API Subcommittee for Mechanical Integrity, contributing to the development of codes and standards and personnel qualification program related NDT. Dr. Gao has contributed to FENDT since 2010 and served as a technical reviewer since 2020.