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The First Preparatory Meeting for FE
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The First Preparatory Meeting for FENDT 2018 has been held in Xiamen

The First Preparatory Meeting for FENDT 2018

has been held in Xiamen


Sept.23-24 2017, the first preparatory meeting for FENDT 2018 has been held in Pullman hotel Xiamen, Fujian province. About 30 representatives attended the meeting, who are from Special Equipment Inspection Agency, college and companies. Researcher Qiang Tianpeng presided over the first half of the meeting – The Summary of FENDT 2017; and Prof. Lin Shuqing and Prof. Qing Xinlin presided over the second half of the meeting – The Preparatory for FENDT 2018.


We summarized the achievements and shortcomings of the 2017 Far East Forum at the conference, and make a number of suggestions for improvement, including the construction of the website; the submission of the paper and the timing of the review; the arrangements of posting the paper (POST); registration on reception; preparations, organizations and arrangements for the special report; cooperation with external units.


It was officially announced that 2018 Far East Forum preparatory work started on the meeting.


We identified the first batch of sponsors, co-sponsors and support units of the 2018 Far East Forum.


We discussed the time of the Forum and initially set the time for checking in on July 5, 2018 (Thursday), and 6-8 (Friday - Sunday) for conference.


The representatives listened to the basic situation and investigation report of the four hotels which would like to host the 2018 Far East Forum meeting, and made a number of requests for the conditions of the hotel on the meeting.


The preparatory work plan was discussed throughout on the meeting,and several important time nodes are determined.


The representatives examined the plan for invitation of foreign experts and presented the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Conference.


It also studied the relevant matters, the mobilization, organization of writing and submissionthe academic papers, on the meeting.


The nomination of "The 2018 Revering Award" was pre-discussed on the meeting.