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Gerd Dobmann
Category: Academic Committee  Publish Time: 2014-01-07 14:41 

Gerd Dobmann
Fraunhofer Society for IZFP, Dresden, Germany.

Dr. Gerd Dobmann

Expert in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and

Nuclear Energy Safety and Reliability by NDT-Use



Office Address:



Chair for NDT and Quality Assurance, Saar-University, LZFPQ

Campus Dudweiler

Am Markt Zeile 4

66125 Saarbrücken/Germany

(49) 6897 74634 phone

(49) 151 11 87 78 46 (mobile)

(49) 3222 688 7799, fax

Private Adress



Scheidter Str. 23A

66125 Saarbrücken

Personal Information:



October 3, 1946 in Saarbrücken, Germany



Family Status:


Education, Qualification:


Thesis, University of Saarland 25.02.1974

Thesis in applied physics and electrical engineering, theoretical electrodynamics: 'The calculation of the electromagnetic field of a vertical electric dipole on a periodic rough earth surface', awarded with the grade 'excellent'.



Research scientist at the Fraunhofer Society, Institute for Non-destructive Testing (IZFP) in co-operation with the Chair Theoretical Electromagnetics, University of the Saarland, Germany.


1975 PhD-Thesis begin

'Theoretical-numerical and experimental investigations to the application of the electrical direct current potential drop techniques in NDT'; Finite Differences and FEM



Head of a scientific working group 'Electrical, Magnetic and Thermal Techniques in NDT'


1978 - 1995

Head of department 'Electromagnetic Techniques in NDE'


16.02.1979 PhD-thesis end



















01.11.2013 up to now

Ph.D. in applied physics with the grade 'magna cum laude', i.e. 'excellent', University of Saarland


Researcher in the field of the nuclear safety research program of the German Ministry for ‘Nuclear Safety and Nature Protection’, divers programs of the ministry of Research and Development, Education and Science and the National Science Foundation (DFG)


Deputy Director of the Institute


Division Director ‘Scientific Projects’, Strategic Institute Development


Division Director ‘NDT-Development for Lifetime Management’


Retirement - since then Senior Scientific Consultant of Fraunhofer IZFP up to October 31, 2013



Free-Lancer as Scientific Consultant in cooperation with the Chair of NDT and Quality Assurance of the Saar University (LZFPQ

Senior Researcher & projects with the EC Commission:





Project manager resp. Coordinator in the German Nuclear Safety Research Program to innovate non-destructive-testing techniques for detection, classification and sizing of material inhomogeneities (defects) as well as for material characterization;


Characterization of ageing phenomena as thermal ageing, creep, fatigue (low cycle and high cycle fatigue), superposition of LCF and thermal ageing, neutron-embrittlement


European Commission projects, initiated by JRC, Institute for Advanced Materials, Luxembourg, European Commission 1999

First BRITE EURAM Projects, expert with the Director of IZFP, Prof. Paul Höller: Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials, 1989


Non-destructive-diagnostic for material degradation: EC Commission, JRC, Institute for Advanced Materials. Luxembourg, European Commission 1999





Member of the committee “Pressurized components and materials” of the German Nuclear Safety Commission


Member of the advisory committee of the German Ministry of Economy and Technology in the Nuclear Safety Research Program



Member of the German NDT Society



Member of the ASTM, ASM, BINDT



Fellow of the Indian NDT Society



Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET



German delegate in the International Institute of Welding (IIW) up to 2011



Chairman Commission V of IIW 1999-2008


Chairman Sub-commission VE, electric, magnetic and thermal inspection of welds in IIW up to 2011


Subject editor of the Journal NDT&E International of Elsevier Publishing



Dr.-Ing. E.h. by the school of electrical engineering of the University Kassel, Germany in 2005


Prof. Ing. E.h. of the Polytechnic Silesian University, Gliwice/Katowice, Poland in 2011


Roy Sharpe Award 2011 by the BINDT in 2012


Fraunhofer Medal 2012





More than 300 in Non-Destructive Testing, nuclear safety




Germany-, Europe-, USA-, and Nippon-Patents