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Galactic International Hotel Group

Galactic International Hotel Group is a unique national brand with four five-star hotels in a city area currently. Galactic is one of the largest, highest grade and function- complete hotel groups. At present, the Group mainly has.
Galactic Peace International Hotel is city Leisure Hotel with fusion of Chinese and Western characteristics
Galactic Classics International Hotel is high-end hotel highlighting perfect neoclassical charm
Galactic Garden International Hotel is French hotel full of elegant and pleasant sitting wide view

The development of the enterprise culture

Galactic International Hotel Group has always advocated the three major benefits over the years.They are the social benefits, the employees' benefits and business benefits, which has greatly highlighted the elegant demeanor of "excellence ( Jia )"
Our group has been adhering to the service philosophy of "WE CAN DO" and "NO EXCUSE" service since the opening date.We have worked out a unique and free serving specialties in serving restaurant after eight years of service precipitation. They are: Liability system about the first reception、" golden key "service"、" information concierge service "、" warm car card "," wholehearted return visit, "" greeting letter" "special care for the sick guests "; all of the above fully interpret the sincere service"of excellence ( Jia )"and "home( Jia )" .
Galactic International Hotel Group never gives up learning from the beginning. We are trying to learn from the experts, from the peer company, from the outward; we are trying to study, change, and go forward; we are trying to improve the institutionalization, normalization, standardization, integrity, networking and customer participation system step by step.
Our Group is committed to building a national brand to rank among the domestic first-class hotels and a renowned hotel management chain enterprise ,which is not only the business vision of Galactic International Hotel Group, but also the struggling goal for all "Galactics" !
When you travel to Nanchang, if you are not in Galactic, you are on the way here. You are warmly welcome to the Galactic International Hotel Group!

Methods of group contact

Address:Nanchang City, Xihu District eight one avenue No 2
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