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Conference Chairman


L. Terry Clausing, P.E. CEA

595 Chicory Lane

Cincinnati, OH 45244 USA

Professional Profile

Mr. Clausing is the president of Drysdale & Associates, Inc. (since 1985), and an engineering consultant

specializing in UV/VIS/NIR/IR spectral & thermal analysis including infrared temperature measurement,

infrared/thermal imaging for specialized materials and process analysis, infrared moisture analysis, color and

other spectral characteristics of materials. Mr. Clausing teaches industrial & commercial thermography, and

the application of infrared cameras in building science for thermal bypass and air infiltration analysis.

Consulting services include:

• Industrial, commercial and residential energy analysis and auditing

• Industrial and commercial infrared scans of electrical, mechanical equipment and processes

• Thermal and spectral examination of materials, processes and building envelopes

• Infrared inspection of aerospace materials for defects, delaminations and presence of water

• Ultrasound examination of industrial and commercial compressed air, gases and steam systems

Professional Registrations and Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer – Ohio (E-50130)

AEE Certified Energy Auditor for industrial and commercial facilities, 2012

Building Science Master Certification, Environments for Living, 2010

ASNT Certified NDT & PdM Level III IR/T in non-destructive infrared and thermal testing, 2002

NAS-410 Certified NDT Level III IR/T for nondestructive testing of aerospace materials, 2014

BPI Certified Building Analyst, Envelope, Air Sealing & Insulating Instructor, 2009

RESNET Certified HERS Rater, 2000


BSME (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), University of Cincinnati, 1978

MBA – Finance, Xavier University, 1984

Professional Affiliations and Committees

American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) President, 2015

American Society for Nondestructive Testing, CMC Chairman of IR/Thermal Method, 2002 - current

ASNT Technical & Education Council IR Method Chair, 2000 - present

International Committee on Nondestructive Testing, member

ICNDT Working Group 6 on Condition Monitoring, Co-Chair 2015

ASTM, E07 Committee on Nondestructive Testing, Officer (Secretary 2015)

ASTM Chairman of sub-committee E07.10 Specialized NDT Methods, 2003 - current

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), member

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certified Energy Auditor

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), member of Technical Committee


“A Business Case for NDT Companies to add IR to their Portfolio of Services”, NDTMA, Feb, 2011

“ASTM E7.10 Specialized NDT Methods”, ASNT Fall Conference, Oct, 2010

“Standards in Infrared Thermography and Thermal Analysis”, Materials Evaluation Journal, Nov, 2006


P O Box 44055

Cincinnati, OH 45244-0055

Ph (513) 831-9625

Fx (513) 831-9627

Publications (continued)

“What you really need to know to begin using infrared cameras”, Materials Evaluation Journal, May, 2006

“Get the Full Picture of Thermal Imaging”, Chemical Processing Magazine, April, 2006

“IR Thermography Used Wisely Protects Assets – There’s more to infrared thermography’s uses than meets

the eye”, Facilities Engineering Journal, Jan/Feb issue, 2005.

“Infrared Inspections – By The Book”: An examination of consensus standards in Thermal Imaging and

Preventive Maintenance”, Thermal Solutions Conference, January, 2005.

“What Are Standards And Why Are They Important To Us”, NIST Workshop in Thermal Imaging Research

and Performance Standards Needs For First Responders, December, 2004

“Infrared Inspection of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment: The difference between Problem Reports and

Preventive Maintenance”, Land Infrared Seminar, 2003

“The Glass Prism – Using the Infrared Rainbow to solve glass production problems”, SPIE Thermosense

2003, Joseph M. Heer, Thomson, Inc., and L. Terry Clausing, PE, Drysdale & Associates, Inc.

“Adding Value to your Infrared Predictive Maintenance Inspections”, EPRI, 2002

“Temperature Measurements for Induction Heating”, NIST Workshop on Non-Contact Thermometry, 2001

“Improving IR Sensor Measurement Accuracy”, Forging Magazine, 2001

“Temperature Measurements in Induction Heating”, Snell Thermal Solutions, 2000

Representative Project Experience

Consulting engineering services: Investigating water intrusion into K-12 school building envelope resulting

in mold and illness, for client involved in litigation.

Consulting engineering services: Investigating combustion of materials in a building under construction

following building fire for client involved in litigation.

Consulting engineering services: Investigating flammability and flame spread of flammable clothing for

client involved in litigation.

Consulting engineering services: Investigating moisture/mold intrusion in residential structure for client

involved in litigation.

Consulting engineering services: Investigating thermal bridging in commercial structures (missing /

defective insulation, air infiltration) for clients involved in litigation.

Consulting engineering services have also been provided to clients such as:

SEA Consulting, Columbus, OH

Corpus Christi Army Depot, Corpus Christi, TX

Battelle Institute, Columbus, OH

American Academy of Thermology, Greenville, NC