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Jiangxi's most famous tourist spot i
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Jiangxi's most famous tourist spot introduction

Jiangxi's most famous tourist spot introduction

1  Jingdezhen

Nanchang distance 270km, full speed, driving 2 hours

Chinese English name of China from Jingdezhen ,the early name is Changnan. Jingdezhen is the "porcelain country" representative and symbol, porcelain has a long history, exquisite porcelain, known around the world, the "porcelain," said.

Jingdezhen,Hankouzhen of Hubei Province, Foshanzhen of GuangdongProvince ,and zhuxianzhen of Henan Province tied for the four famous towns.

Jingdezhen ceramics began in the Han Shi(25—220 Dating back 2000)Jingdezhen during the Five Dynasties(907-960Dating back 1100 years)to the south of the earliest achievements of porcelain firing a high land and its white porcelain and lay out their own position, thus breaking the monopoly of celadon in the south and the formation of "South Green North White" pattern, the Song Dynasty ( 960 - 1279 900 years ago) to start the production of Blue and White Porcelain, Yuan 1271 --1368 years 1368-1644 the Ming and Qing porcelain unprecedented large-scale development.

After Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties,Jingdezhen has become "the world kiln is being together,"Nation-al Porcelain Center.Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong dynas- ty porcelain development in the history of the peak.Jingdezhen Porcelain "white as jade, thin as paper, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound," especially the melting process, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, poetry in a furnace, honesty is a "treasure than your mirror over next book ratio than Jing Guan word the Soviet Union. "The elegant beauty of blue and white, colorful painting, brilliant gorgeous glaze, exquisitely carved eggshell, a talent for sculpture, and both Han Chinese traditional culture and art treasures.

In the Qianlong period, Jingdezhen kilns and more, and widely distributed, in addition to kiln, there are two or three hundred kilns at thousands of artisans. clear and clean the screen during the production of porcelain, color turquoise pride, gives a fresh and bright feeling. Multicolored porcelain hue strong, magnificent, but also compared to the Ming Dynasty development Creation Painted Porcelain is pastel, structured, rich three-dimensional. Inspired painting on porcelain embryos with Western oil painting, reentry into the enamel porcelain kiln firing, integrate East and West, abnormal fine, a palace of special products. In these colorful precious porcelain, through various channels, the land along the "Silk Road", on the sea "Ceramic Road", "line in nine fields, Shi and abroad" for the dissemination of Chinese culture and art, economic and trade exchanges, has played a active role in promoting the development of world culture to enrich and make a significant contribution.

1.1  Fuliang County

Fuliang, it was founded in Takenori four years (AD 621), is part of a long history of Jingdezhen in Fuliang County jurisdiction, thus Fuliang known as "the world and the source of porcelain"; this is the song of tea lovers hymn, the “ea wine of”left "Fuliang Xizhou, IWC to find" magnificent poem, leaving a "merchant materialistic parting, the previous month Fuliang to buy tea," tea in Bai's "Pipa" in Township reputation, had been praised as "Chinese tea town"; it is one of the unique fertile soil, the forest coverage rate of nearly 80 percent have "eight hill half water a minute of cropland, half lane road and manorial" said ; this is a human and cultural chapter, the ancient talented people, the emergence of the "Book of a king Hou three, six prime minister seven assistant minister", but left the Su Shi, Yin, Huang Pan Changjiang travel footprint.

Fuliang ancient county government (Yamen, since the Tang Dynasty official collectively. Qing Dynasty official claiming the county County Department, Office or county, commonly known as the county government. It is representative of the feudal rulers in the grass - the magistrate to exercise power, but also the local county officials on official business.)resort to national AAAA level scenic spots, the entire area to the Five ancient county government and the Millennium Hongta core, concentrating the old millennium long cultural history and splendid porcelain tea culture, known as "Jiangnan first Ya, "ancient county government built in the Tang yuan and eleven years, county government buildings and Jiangxi have sent Huizhou combination of features, the most distinctive is reflected inside the County Department of feudal hierarchy building structure and content-rich couplets; Hongta which another name is Sita , "Sita sunset," one of the famous Changjiang eight of the history, in addition, the scenic area are: Zhushan kiln (kiln Ming), historical and cultural promenade, the Millennium porcelain altar, the ancient city gate, Kuixing Court fine ceramics museum, soup public wells, Fuliang tea, Qi Gui millennium, press Procuratorate (Jiujiang Road Department), Gothenburg, sculpture, tied Millennium Square and other attractions.

1.2 Fuliang Yao Li

Fusion of classical humanities landscape. There are mountains, there is water, there is the ancient town of old villages, ancient kiln mine. Lush mountains are mountains, water is rippling water, the town is the old village cornices bucket angle, brick and black tiles of ancient weathering, kiln left pestle, ancient pottery pit mine is witnessed vicissitudes of history.

It is the birthplace of world porcelain, are the primary colors CHINA, set foot granite-paved emblem Rao Road, Commercial Street through town on the Ming and Qing Dynasties, between feeling flowing back to the ancient simplicity of heart, hundreds of buildings throughout the town Ming and Qing architectural like a grand museum of ancient houses, a splendid sight. Here enchanting natural scenery, waterfalls valleys, forests, or green eye-catching, or strange stone Feng Qi, amazing.

Spotlessly clean streams channeling jump between cliffs, as if from a human heart flush and over the fields, it is Shenyi the air is crisp. This is the Yaoli, a combination of classic humanities landscape, where convenient transportation, drive less than 50 kilometers is the Jingdezhen. If you want to own in the city wandering soul comfort, if you want to hurry to find a casual inn, then Yao light dance in the ancient town of the millennium still mist, ancient camphor tree village wide open in front of fragrance overflowing mind, waiting for you back to the dream of home, and she finished with history, and culture, dialogue with nature soul together ......

1.3 Zhu Shan Town

Zhushan District Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province in the northeast, northeast of Fuliang County, adjacent to the southwest border with Changjiang District, Changjiang from north to south running through the whole, the whole area of 27 square kilometers, population 277,000, has jurisdiction over nine neighborhood offices , 80 community committees, is the center of the city of Jingdezhen City. 

Part Attraction Images:

Dragon Pearl loft

Imperial Kiln Site Museum

Sanbao international pottery village

Cold tip

Moon Lake

2   Longhu Mountain (Yingtan Guixi City in mountains) 

Longhu Mountain, located 20 km southwest of Yingtan City in Guixi City. Eastern Han Dynasty, is a founder Zhang Ling was in this alchemy, the legendary "Dragon and Tiger now Dan into the mountain because of the name.Which Tianmenshan highest elevation of 1300 meters. Longhu Mountain is China's eighth at the World Natural Heritage World Geopark , the national natural and cultural double inheritance, the national AAAAA level scenic spots , the national key cultural relics protection units.

Longhu Mountain is China typical andform scenery, is the birthplace of Taoism in China, in 2007 to join the World Geoparks Network. Longhu Mountain Danxia landform, is the second seat in the middle of the development of Xinjiang River Basin in southeastern China Southern reason foothills of Late Cretaceous continental flood - alluvial massive red conglomerate consisting of Danxia Mountain.

According to the Taoist classics records, Zhang Ling Sun Zhangsheng in three or fourth generation has to go to the Western Jin Dynasty Dragon and Tiger settled, then the descendants of Native Longhu Mountain Zhang Tian, has inherited sixty three generations, after nineteen hundred years.

August 2, 2010, the designation of being together with Guifeng included in the "World Natural Heritage List."

The main peaks


Guifeng is located in Yiyang County, south letter river south west of Yingtan 35 km, is located between the Mountains, Longhu Mountain and Mount Wuyi. Guifeng total of 36 peaks, eight landscape. Formerly Guifeng Guifeng, because rocks stacked such as turtles, hence the name.


Tianmen Mountain is located on the south of Qingzhen 5 km, the highest altitude of 1300 meters. Late Jurassic volcanic rocks belong Tianmenshan landscape, the entire scenic mountain steep insurance, deep valleys, rocks all over, dense forests, majestic and impressive.

Tuna peak

Tuna peak located east of Swan Lake, also known as Tateishi, stone mortar and pestle. Tuna peak elevation of 118 meters, the peak column height of about 60 meters.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is a long-term weathering and erosion by rain washed off, resulting in the collapse of the residual type of piercing Shilianghe class landscape. Height of about 100 meters of the mountain there is a Shiliang Ling empty hanging, the whole mountain like a giant stone elephant in Kap Shui

Ya Feng row

Ya peak discharge of about 2 km, the highest peak 267.5 meters. Ya row by a plurality of sets of mountain peaks connection is made, is a long-term erosion by water erosion formed fengcong class landscape, the mountain north-south direction, was long and narrow, the peak elevation of 267.5 m. From north to south of the mountain are: the northernmost three clear peaks on the road, in the middle of the Pig dream Xianfeng, carp peak, top peak, candles peak, at the southern end of a large knife and other peaks.

Natural resources

Forest Resources

 Longhu Mountain flora belong to southeastern China humid forest zone, the subtropical evergreen broadleaf Ya belt, Wuyishan Xi Lu Nan Lin Song Fir evergreen mangrove area. According to statistics, in 2012 the Regional Plant of 100 families, 250 genera and more than 460 kinds.

 Forest types are broad-leaved forest, forest and coniferous forest. Where: broadleaf forest is mainly distributed in the altitude of 300 to 800 meters, the supernatant, ears mouth, cold and other places its main focus on contiguous Distribution, is a multi-level forest. Top with Castanopsis, Quercus, Castanopsis, Ke and Liquidambar, wood and other large trees mainly Dutch, middle yellow DUANMU, Yang Tong, cubeba and other Yaqiao wood and some large trees cutting stump sprouting mainly to lower any Ying wood, aggregata, azalea, bovine bolt, Euonymus, Vaccinium hundred species, mostly small shrubs.

Plant Resources

In Celestial, the main resources of plants can be divided into 14 categories. Timber plants are widely distributed large quantities of bamboo, pine, big-leaf Castanopsis, camphor, white Nan, Yang Tong, Castanopsis fargesii, Castanopsis eyrei, just water green, black mangrove and other frieze. Some small number of species, found only in the deep forests, but very rare, such as the South yew. Fir is the most common high-quality timber species, but wild fir has been rare, mostly artificial planting.

Animal Resources

In amphibians, the giant salamander (salamander) rarest. Another fat tailed amphibians salamander and newt; Anura Scenic rich person, there are frogs, nigromaculata, money frog, marsh frog, marsh frog, Hyla, barbed spinosa (partridge), rock frog and tiger frogs.

Human history

Yamana Origin

Longhu Mountain mountain named after the two said, "widely believed gazetteer · mountains papers" which claims to Xiangshan mountain of a calendar Taishan westbound dozens of years, off and south, divided into two branches, surrounded Zhuangruo dragon Hu Ju, hence the name; "dragon and Tiger" contains says: "The mountains whose real name is cloud Geumsan, the first generation of this refining nine days Shendan Fearless, Dan into the dragon see, due to the hill.

Taoist culture

Longhu Mountain area when Taoism flourished, has built ten Palace Road, eighty-one Taoist monastery seat fifty, ten road Um, its prosperity is evident. However, since the Han now, Songhai often extravagant, most temples already spent destroyed, save those only Celestial House.

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