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About Nanchang
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Introduction of Nanchang

Nanchang is always the seat of local government since its establishment 2,200 years ago. Being a famous historical city in China, Nanchang is blessed with a series of relics.


According to a survey, there are altogether 78 cultural sites with theTengwang Pavilion as the most renowned. It was first built in 653 by Li Yuanying, a brother of Taizong Emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The famous essay in Chinese literature written by brilliant poet of the same period, Wang Bo, brought the pavilion ever great fame. It has been reputed as one of the four famous towers in China. The pavilion has been rebuilt or renovated for twenty-nine times and its twists and turns vividly show the changes of history.

Nanchang is also a city of hero, the fame of which is endowed by the Nanchang Uprising happened in August 1, 1927. To commemorate the big event, August 1 is confirmed to be the birthday of Chinese Communist. The August 1 Nanchang Uprising Monument in the south end of the People's (Renmin) Square is a symbolic building of the city center.

There are some excellent attractions in Nanchang suburbs. Wanshou (Longevity) Palace in Xishan Mountain which is about 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) southwest of the city proper is a Taoist temple built for a famous Taoist in Jin Dynasty (265-420). Devotees will go to pray for which come true during the birthday and the day of death in the first and eighth lunar months.

Meiling and Mingyueshan are all national scenic and historic interest areas in Nanchang. They are not only fascinating holiday resorts with convenient facilities but also scenic spots with beautiful landscape and religious cultural deposit.


For visitors who are interested in Chinese painting, Badashanren Memorial Hall is a superior choice. Badashanren is the alias of Zhu Da, a distinguished painter during late Ming and early Qing dynasties. The memorial hall is built based on Qingyunpu Taoist Temple where Badashanren retired from the world to live. His paintings have enjoyed extremely high reputation for over 300 years. It will be poetic to walk among halls in the tranquil garden and appreciate famous artworks of masters. Anyi Ancient Villages refer to three nature villages all of which are more than a thousand years old. Along the old lanes paved with flagging, there are featured residence buildings, mansions, wells, bridges and drama stages that have stood there for at least hundreds of years, telling the stories of the past.

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