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IMPORTANT:When authors submit full papers via the Paper submission link, it is understood that the authors have resolved their intellectual property right issues with their employers and other parties involved, and have transferred their full paper rights to IEEE. Authors who have concerns about their intellectual property rights of their full papers could consult their attorneys for legal advices (for example, filing provisional patent applications). The full papers will be kept confidential until they have been accepted and placed in the conference program. After that time, the full papers may be published both online and in print, or be accessible through the "Meeting Planner" to help attendees to prepare and/or individualize their conference programs.

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Paper Page Limit

Regular Papers: 5 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.

Purchasing Extra Pages

Regular Papers: Extra pages may be purchased at RMB400 per extra page.


As the Proceedings is a record of the 2015 Far East NDT Forum, only those papers which are actually presented and defended at the Conference by the author during either an oral or a poster session will be accepted for publication in the Proceedings. In the event that an author is unable to personally present the paper, she/he MUST be represented in either poster or oral sessions by an individual who is qualified to discuss the technical material in the paper and who will remain in attendance for the full session in which the paper is presented. All the session chairpersons will be recording the presenters attendance, both oral and poster, and sending the results to the Proceedings Editor.

The author of the paper is required to submit the title and abstract, names of the author, the principle co-authors, author's organization, address, phone/fax number and E-mail address to the Online Paper Submission System. The paper should be edited by Microsoft Word with technical thesis format, and setup in A4.

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