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Workshop on Nondestructive Testing i
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Workshop on Nondestructive Testing in Railway Application


Structural integrity in railway engineering has been an essential subject ever since. With higher loading and lighter weight design performance requirements are continuously increased. This requires also enhanced quality control or performance control in general which all is associated with nondestructive testing (NDT). NDT today has become a mandatory tool in a variety of areas in railway engineering would those be axles, wheels or rails. However even other parts in railway engineering are considered such as the catenary, undercarriages or any components of the traction part such as gears. NDT in railway engineering is not limited to the rolling stock only. Even with railway infrastructure NDT becomes relevant such as bridges, tunnels, station buildings, dams or any other type of infrastructure.


This workshop is intended to cover but may not be limited to the following subjects:

• Ultrasonic inspection including phased array and guided waves

• Eddy current inspection

• Magnetics

• Thermography

• Other NDT techniques with railway engineering relevance

• Stress state analysis

• Wheel inspection

• Hollow axle inspection

• Rail inspection

• Infrastructure inspection (bridges, tunnels, buildings, etc.)

Supported by      

NDT Research Center of Southwest Jiaotong University

Structure Health Monitoring Lab && National Engineering Research Center of Sensor (Chengdu)), University of Electronics Science and Technology of China

Chengdu Lead Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Important Deadlines         

Submission of full papers                               April 15th, 2015

Early registration                                     May 18th, 2015

Workshop event                                      May 28th -31st ,2015


Please refer to for paper submission.

Please mark your paper for the Workshop on NDT in Railway Application. All fees are included within the FENDT registration fee.

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