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Official Notification of FENDT2014
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Official Notification of FENDT2014

2014 Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing

Official Notification

“2014 far-East non-destructive testing (NDT) new technologies forum”, hereafter is called “the Forum”, will be hosting in Sichuan Tennis International Hotel in Chengdu.

Members of the organizing committee are as follows:

Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu Province

Nanjing University

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Beijing Institute of Technology

Southwest Jiaotong University

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Special Equipment Inspection Institute of Sichuan Province

Jiangsu Society of NDT

Sichuan Associa of Special Equipment Inspection

Sichuan Mechanical Engineering Society of NDT

Theme of the forum: Increasingly Perfect NDT and evaluation technologies

For the latest information on the Forum, please log on

Academic and technological reports 

Multiple conferences on academic and technological reports will be held, whose contents are detailed as follows:

(1) frontier research on domestic and overseas NDT technologies

(2) R&D and application of new NDT technologies in China

(3) R&D of NDT inspection devices, etc.

During the Forum, Southwest Jiaotong University andthe Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)will co-organize a special workshop on ”application of NDT new technologies in railway sectors ”. University of Electronic Science and technology of China will host a special seminar on “NDT inspection technologies for wind-power equipment ”.  Special Equipment Safety Supervision Institute of Jiangsu Province will play host to a special seminar on ”Application of NDT New Technologies on Mechanical and electronic special equipment”

Display of Advanced NDT Inspection Devices:During the Forum, a dozen of overseas and  domestic manufacturers and research institutes of NDT inspection will showcase their devices and products, introducing their technological advances、scope of application as well as their performance

Solicitation of excellent papers:the Forum will carry out cooperation with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE), NDT, NDI(non-destructive inspection) to solicit papers on R&D, application and education of NDT new technologies. We shall handle all solicited papers to the expert team for their appraisal. For the excellent papers, we will award the authors with “Excellent Paper Award”. All the collected papers will be booked in two categories, one is “IE”, the other is “non-IE”. Papers of English version, after being recognized by IEEE headquarters, will be collected by IE. Part of all the papers will be published on related journals of NDT and NDI    

Special Equipment Safety Supervision Institute of Jiangsu Province have authorized all related reports, papers to be included in education of special equipment operators in NDT inspection.(Ⅱ、Ⅲ)

All related information as follows:

1.    Opening time:20.06.2014-23.06-2014(Registration on 20.06.2014, Close ceremony on 24.06.2014)

2.    Location: Sichuan Tennis International Hotel

         NO.66 Jinhe Road, Shuangliu Town, Chengdu, China.

3.    Registration fee:

Conference CNY1300/person(CNY600/student

            IEEE paper registration CNY3600/person(conference included)

4.    Payment Methods:

1)   After receipt the final Acceptance Notification, please remit to the designated account announced in your Acceptance Notification within a week.

2)   On-site pay.

5.    Board and lodging (from 20 June-24 June)

CNY2100/person (single room or suite room)

CNY1400/person or 1200/person (double room or twin room)

CNY850/person (for students only)

6.    Please confirm personal information for attention by mailing “Confirmation letter for FENDT 2014” before 20 May

Contact: Chen Yankang

Cell: +8613813893470 Fax:+862584406294 

Downloads:Official Notification of FENDT2014.pdf

Downloads:Confirmation letter for FENDT 2014.pdf