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FENDT2014 Best Paper Award for Stude
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FENDT2014 Best Paper Award for Students

The Best Paper Award is special funded to encourage students to devote themselves in the research of NDT and approved the achievements they have got. This award is sponsored by Chengdu Lead Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (SCLEAD).

Awards Setting

The Best Paper Award by SCLAED

English papers

The first prize:1 paper

5000 CNY/per

The second prize:2 papers

1500 CNY/per

The third prize:3 papers

1000 CNY/per

Chinese papers

The first prize:1 paper

2000 CNY/per

The second prize:2 papers

1000 CNY/per

The third prize:3 papers

500 CNY/per

The conference committee will announce the award winners and present certificates and prizes in the opening ceremony or other appropriate time.

Selected rule:The academic committee makes the selection completely according to the paper level.

Attending Requirements:

(1)   Only current full-time student, meanwhile the first author of the paper is eligible.

(2)   The first author is required to attend the conference and present their paper by oral.

(3)   For one student only one paper can be applied to compete in the award per person (that means, more papers submitted is available, but only one is allowed to compete in this award).

(4)   Not officially published in other academic conference or journals.

Attending Ways:

(1)   Please indicate Best Paper Award Competition when submitting the paper:

Name your paper in the form of ‘Best Paper Competition + first author name + paper name’, and marking the options in the paper submission system.

(2)   Provide the scanning file of your student ID or any material that can prove your student identity, and attach it at the end of your paper.