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Invitation of NDT Instrument Exhibit
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 “One holds the advanced scientific technology, the one will have the advantage and initiative in future comp


“One holds the advanced scientific technology, the one will have the advantage and initiative in future competition and development”.
The Notification for Inviting NDT Device Exhibition on
“2009 Far East Forum on Nondestructive Testing/Evaluation:
New Technology & Application”
The main organizers of the Forum:
Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute;
Nanjing University;
Jiangsu Province Mechanical Engineering Society, NDT Society.
“The Far East Forum on Nondestructive Testing/Evaluation: New Technology & Application” is a NDT professional conference which is based upon Chinese NDT field, eradiated to worldwide, and it has conducted 5 times since 2004 (January of 2004 in Nanjing, May of 2005 in Nantong, May of 2006 in Tianmu Lake, Liyang, May of 2007 in Wuxi, and June of 2008 in Nanjing) with more and more participants. The Forum becomes one of Chinese main platforms for technical and business exchanges in NDT field. Based on the purposes of enhancing the international and domestic technical exchanges and cooperation, promoting Chinese NDT technical development, improving Chinese enterprises competitive abilities, we selected and introduced the latest NDT scientific research achievements, the updated technologies and facilities as presentation topics of the Forum, in order to provide a good space to the participants for NDT technology study, exchange and cooperation, and for NDT new facility & system introduction, demonstration and exhibition.
Now, we decide to conduct the sixth forum: “2009 Far East Forum on Nondestructive Testing/Evaluation: New Technology & Application” from 12th to 14th June (11th for registration), 2009 in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. We will insist on our good manner, to make good planning and organization, to provide good services. We will keep non-profit as the aim of the Forum, all earning of the Forum will be used for the Forum and feedback to participants, to remain service quality and promote technical level.
One of the important parts of the Forum is to demonstrate and exhibit the advanced new NDT devices and facilities, and it is also an important business opportunity for the manufacturers and companies of NDT products and systems. There are three differences between the Forum and other common exhibitions:
1.     Many participants come from the whole country and they are working in the famous and influenced organizations, and they are important managers or outstanding persons in NDT field, therefore, they are decision-makers;
2.     There are good opportunities for participants to do the technical exchanges. The Forum will be conducted in three days, the experts from NDT manufacturers and companies will demonstrate and introduce the device to the participants closely and directly;
3.     The representatives from NDT device manufacturer will introduce their products in special ways, for instance, they will make technical presentation to introduce the advantage and special functions to participants, and it is more effective than other common exhibition. Through the feedback information, through the introduction and demonstration on the Forum, many NDT facility companies explore their business and increase their marketing share.
Therefore, we warmly invite manufactures, sales companies, and research institutes in ND/E field to participate in the Forum and to bring your updated products for demonstration and exhibition, enabling to introduce the products’ technical feature and performance, as well as the applicable scope.
The exhibition registration for NDT devices & systems at the Forum can be done as follows:
1. Registration by entering our website: (Chinese) and (English);
2.     Contact the Forum Preparatory Group:
Mr. Qiang Tianpeng, the principal of the Forum,
Tel: +86-25-84513355
Mobile phone: +86-13776663939
Ms. Yu Yanping, the secretary of the Forum,
Tel: +86-25-84408576
Mobile phone:+86-13951630079
This notification is prepared by:
The Forum Preparatory Group on Nov. 20, 2008
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