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Introduction of Anhui Province
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Hefei is the Capital of Anhui Province, the political, economic, cultural, technology and education, trade, transportation and information center. Hefei enjoys the reputation of “the historical town of three kingdoms, Baozheng’s hometown, cradle of Huai Army, science and technology base, Binhu new town”. Dongfei river and Nanfei river were emanated here, so it was named “Hefei”; while it was ruled by Luzhou government during Ming and Qing Dynasties, so it was called “Luzhou”. Hefei is located between Yangtze River and Huaihe River, beside Chaohu, west of Yangtze River Delta. Hefei owns an important location advantage. The total city area is about 7029.48 square kilometers, and the total population registered here is about 4867400.
Hefei is also the famous national ecological tourist city. The 4A-level tourism includes gardens, Hefei wild zoo, Huiyuan and so on. The scenery of Xiaoyaojin, great shu mountain, zipeng mountain, daishan lake, sanhe ancient town are exquisite. Hefei is also the important tourist center of Anhui Province, and there are places of interest such as Mount Huangshan, Mount Jiuhua, Mount Tianzhu around it about a radius of 250 km.