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Introduction of Kunshan
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In 2010, the seventh Forum was held in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province of P. R. China.

Introduction of Kunshan City
Located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, it is in the delta area of Yangtse Rive, the most developed area in China. The City is near to Shanghai from the east, and close to Suzhou City from the west. Kunshan is an important commercial city within Shanghai economic group.
Kunshan is an ancient city with long history, beautiful scenery, and rich cultural atmosphere. Kunshan is famous for its rich sightseeing resources, and beautiful water county named “Zhouzhuang, the Eastern Venice”, “Kunqu Opera”, delicious food, and so on.
It will take 18 minutes by the expressed train from Shanghai Railway Station to Kunshan. If by air, it will take about one hour either from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or from Wuxi Airport to Kunshan. So, Kunshan is also very convenient for transportation.