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Presentations Introduced in the Eigh
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The main technical presentations introduced in the Eighth Forum are listed below:   Presentation Title P

The main technical presentations introduced in the Eighth Forum are listed below:

Presentation Title
Presented by
Topic: Key Presentation

【001】Green Non-destructive Testing – The Future of NDT Development

Prof. GENG Rongsheng

Beijing Aeronautical Technology Research Centre, China

【002】Intelligent Structural Health Management of Safety-Critical Structures

Prof. Sridhar Krishnaswamy

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

Topic Digital Industrial Radiography

【003】 Discussions on Film Features Testing

Prof. Qiang Tian-peng

Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute, China

【004】The key technology discussing of digital radiography standard setting JB/T4730.11

Liang Lihong

China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute 


【005】The revised testing standards about X-ray digital imaging be guided with systems theory

Zeng Xiangzhao  

Guangdong YingQuan Steel Products Co., Ltd., China

【006】Research on the Sensitivity of Computed Radiography Rechnology

Wang Jun

Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute, China

【007】X-ray DR Technology based on CMOS

Chunxia Lu,
Shizhong Jiang

Shanghai Jiaotong University, China


【008】An advanced radiography testing technology and equipment based on digital flat-panel detector

Wang Jan-hua

Yantai testing equipment Co. Ltd, China

Topic: NDT Applied Technology

【009】 Necessity of Using Angle Beam to Detect Stainless Cladding

Xu Zunyan

Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd., China

【010】Advance and Status on NDT Research of Pistons in High-Power Engines

Ni Peijun

Ningbo Branch of China Academy of Ordnance Science

【011】An Inspection Method and the Equipment for Large-diameter Drill Pipes, ,

He, Fuyun

School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Hefei Univ. of Tech, China

【012】 The research of NDE technique on nuclear thick wall seamless tubes,

Weican Guo,

Zhejiang Inspection and Research Institute of Special Equipment, China

【013】Non-destructive technology research of PE gas pipe hot melt welded joints

Fuyong Xia

Hangzhou Special Equipment Inspection Institute, China

【014】Research on ultrasonic testing technology for cast iron dryer

YU Bing

Hangzhou Special Equipments Inspection Institute, China

Topic: Health Monitoring

【015】Development and Application of Health Monitoring System on Large-scale Cranes

Dr. DING Keqin

China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute

【016】The Study of Acoustic Emission Signals’ Characteristics on the Giant Wheel Main Spindle

Wu Zhanwen

China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute

【017】Research and Application of Detection and Evaluation Technique on Corrosion State of Atmospheric Vertical Storage Tanks

DAI Guang

Mechanical Science and Engineering College, Northeast Petroleum University,

【018】Research on distributed monitoring method for subsidence deformation of long-distance pipeline

Dr. DING Keqin

China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute

【019】Development Status of Robot Technology for Steam Generator Primary Side

Wu Jianrong

CGNPC Inspection Technology Company

【020】Ultrasonic time of flight diffraction (TOFD) technique under high temperature conditions for online monitoring,

Dr. Zheng Kai

Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute, China

TopicLaser ultrasonic and Nonlinear Acoustic

【021】Laser ultrasonic technique for the characterization of metallic film in a high-pressure diamond anvil cell

Prof. N. Chigarev

Université du Maine, France

【022】Photothermal Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing Methods: Study of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Structures

Prof. Dragan M. Todorović

Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade, Serbia 

【023】Fatigue crack detection by laser generated surface acoustic waves assisted by laser heating

Prof. Shen Zhonghua

College of science, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, China


【024】Nanoscale Non-Destructive Investigation of Oxides and Organic Solids from Electropassive to ElectroactiveClasses

Prof. Jian-Bin Xu

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

【025】 Application of Nonlinear Acoustic Phenomena to NDE/NDT

Prof. Zhang Shu-yi

Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University, China

【026】The effect of material attenuation on the non-classical nonlinear acoustic imaging

Dr. Ying Zhang,
Prof. Xiaozhou Liu,

Key Lab of Modern Acoustics, Ministry of Education, Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University, China

Topic Electromagnetic and Terahertz

【027】New Techniques of NDE

Prof. Guiyun Tian

College of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Newcastle, UK

【028】Efficient Finite Element Analysis of Eddy Current Testing

Zhiwei Zeng

Department of Aeronautics, Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian 361005, China

【029】Practical numerical modeling for electromagnetic nondestructive testing and evaluations

Prof. Noritaka Yusa

Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Tohoku University

【030】Quantitative Defect Evaluation based on Efficient Forward Simulation and Inversion of Electromagnetic Nondestructive Testing Signals

Prof. Zhenmao Chen,

Research Center for Nuclear Integrity Evaluation, MOE Key Lab for Strength and Vibration, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

【031】Terahertz detection and identification of defects in layered polymer composites

Prof. Przemyslaw LOPATO, Prof. Tomasz CHADY

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering , Poland

【032】Non-destructive characterization of pharmaceutical tablet using terahertz pulsed spectroscopy and imaging

Dr. Shen Yaochun

The University of Liverpool(UK)


【033】Introduction of automatic ultrasonic phased array inspection process for blade root

Pan Xiaowei

LEEPIPE Inspection Technologies Inc.


【034】Phased Arrays for Chemical and Petroleum Industry Thin-walled Pipes and Tubes      

Nicholas Bublitz
Michael Moles
Olympus NDT

【035】Ultrasonic phased array for tube detection,Zhang Bixing, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

【036】Phased array sizing technology
Zhong Dehuang

GE Energy Services

【037】Some Characteristic Performance of Ultrasonic Phased Array Systems In Application of Nondestructive Testing

Wang Zicheng

Wuhan Zhongke Innovation Technology Co. Ltd

Topic: TOFD and Guided Wave

【038】Discussing the relation of the signal in TOFD testing

Lin Hai-li

Nantong Union Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd., China

【039】MsS Guided Wave Testing of High Temperature Pipelines and Heat Exchanger Tubes

Prof. Hegeon Kwun

Southwest Research Institute, U.S.A.

【040】Method of flat grounding nondestructive testing using SH wave

Jiao Jing-ping,
Beijing University of Technology

【041】Application of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Technology

He Cun-fu,
Beijing University of Technology

【042】Design and improvement of 5MHz/Φ6mm high-performance TOFD probes

Xue Qiang,

Jiangyin Aidi Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic:  Electromagnetic and Miscellaneous

【043】The Research on Defect Location and Corrosion Inspection Using Pulse Magnetic Flux Leakage

Prof. Wang Haitao,
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

【044】Low-frequency electromagnetic field to test in-serving alloy pipe in the nuclear power

Chen Jingui

Xiamen IDEA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., China

【045】Application of metal magnetic memory in weld testing of special equipment

Chen Jingui,
Shan Chulei

Xiamen IDEA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,  China

Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute, China

【046】Comparison between ASME Code and domestic supervision regulations of special equipment

Chen Yu-bao

Guangdong Province Special Equipment Inspection Institute, China

【047】The requirements of Calibration or check for Non-destructive Testing instruments

Xie Changhuan

Shenzhen Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Test, China

【048】Digital Radiography in Shipyard Industry
Zhang Qian

Topic: Guided Wave and Simulation

【049】 Evolution of Ultrasonic Guided Wave NDE(Nondestructive Evaluation) & SHM ( Structural Health Monitoring)

Prof. Younho Cho
Busan University, Korea

【050】Shape reconstruction of defects using ultrasonic bulk and guided waves,

Prof. Sohichi Hirose

Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics,Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan

【051】Simulations and Measurements of SH-Wave Propagation and Scattering for Crack Sizing and Adhesive Bond Inspection

Prof. Bruce Maxfield

Centre for Nondestructive Evaluation, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India

【052】The quantified detection and reconstruction of plate-thinning using reflection coefficients of ultrasonic Lamb wave: a numerical approach

Wang Bin

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

【053】Mathematical modeling of ultrasonic NDE: the past, the present and the future

Prof. Larissa Fradkin

London South Bank University,UK

【054】New advances in simulation


Frederic  Jenson

CEA LIST  CIVA Project Manager, France

Topic: Testing for materials

【055】Non-destructive Damage Evaluation of Copper Alloy

Mr. SHIWA Mitsuharu  Visiting Professor
Tokyo University of Science, Japan

【056】Void morphology effects on ultrasonic attenuation in carbon fiber reinforced polymer materials

Lin Li
Dalian University of Technology, China

【057】Nondestructive Characterization of Zirconium-alloy Claddings in Nuclear Fuels

Prof. Che-Hua Yang

Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Technology, National Taipei University of Technology,Taipei, Taiwan

【058】Review of non-destructive testing technique on cast iron material

Prof. Shen Gong-tian

China Special Equipment Inspection Institute

【059】Study of phased arrays focusing in nickel-based joint of dissimilar metals

Zhao Xinyu

Beijing Institute of Technology

【060】Nondestructive Evaluation of Early Stage Plasticity and Fatigue Damage of Aluminum Alloy Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Method

ZHOU Zhenggan

Institute for NDT and Mechatronics Engineering, Beihang University

Topic: Phased Array

【061】Phased Array Ultrasonic (PAUT) Standard, Qualification and Examples of Application in Canada’s Nuclear Power Industry

Mr. Evan Choi

Power Choice Technical Services Inc., Canada

【062】Application of CIVA simulation
Bai Xiaobao
Matrix U/E Technologies Inc.

【063】advanced phased-array measurement and imaging techniques

Mr. Guillaume Neau

1M2M Phased Array Solutions Company, France

【064】Lessons and Observations on Advanced Ultrasonic Services

Mr. Mark D Nel

AGR Technology Design Ltd.

Topic: Ultrasonic and Infrared Thermography

【065】Same Metals Metallography  Evaluation  by Ultrasonic

Prof. Wu Guanhua
Nanchang Hangkong University, China

【066】Finite element simulation of the detection of angled surface cracks in elastic plates with the use of Rayleigh waves

SUN Hongxiang1
Prof. ZHANG Shuyi

Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University, China

【067】Research on Acoustic Wave Liquid Sensing

Chen Zhijun

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

【068】Infrared Thermography and Nondestructive Evaluation of Aerospace Material

Tian Yu-peng

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics