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Presentations List in 2008 FENDT
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 The main technical presentations introduced in the fifth Forum are listed below:   Presentation Title


The main technical presentations introduced in the fifth Forum are listed below:
Presentation Title
Presented by
Topic: Technical Application

【001】Advantages and Limitations of Various UT Techniques Such as Pulse Echo Using Conventional and Phased Array Probes, and TOFD

Dr. Garri Passi
Mr. Vincent Shen

Sonotron NDT, Israel
Russell NDT Systems Inc., Canada

【002】Visualization of Phased Array Ultrasonic Pulses in a Solid

Prof. Ed. Ginzel

Canada Material Research Institute

Topic: Academic Research
【003】Laser-Ultrasonics: from Laboratory to Industry
Prof.  Jean-Pierre Monchalin

Industrial Materials Institute, National Research Council Canada

【004】 Modern Dynamic Thermography for NDT

Prof. Gerd Busse

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Topic: TOFD/Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

【005】Discussion of TOFD's Usage & Development
Dr. Zheng Hui

China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute

【006】The Application Cases of TOFD Ultrasonic Testing

Prof. Qiang Tianpeng

Mr. Xiao Xiong

Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute;
Jiangsu Zhongte Chuangye Equipment Testing Co., Ltd.

【007】Phased Array Technologies for Ultrasonic Testing Machines)

Dr. Jian Li

Testing Machines, China
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

【008】Evaluation and Analysis of the Latest ASME Code Case

Mr. Li Yan

Jiangsu Taihu Boiler Co., Ltd.

【009】The Development and Application of Digital Acoustic Video (DAVTM)

 Dr. Josh Smith
 Dr. Chen Fazhong

Imperium Co., Ltd., USA

Wain-tsiang Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan

【010】The Application and Worldwide Trend of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Mr. Li Yan

Jiangsu Taihu Boiler Co., Ltd.

Topic: Electromagnetism

【011】Feature Extraction & Integration for Defect Quantification Using Pulsed Magnetic Leakage

Prof. Guiyun Tian
Mr. John Wilson

Newcastle University, UK

【012】Inspection of Steel Degradation by Magnetic Adaptive Testing

Prof. Gabor Vertesy

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

【013】Eddy Current Modeling and Application for Inverse Problems

Prof. Antonello Tamburrino

Universita degli Studi di Cassino, Italy

【014】Identification of Conductivity Distribution Using Multi-frequency Eddy Current Technique and Artificial Neural Networks

Prof. Tomasz Chady

Szczecin University of Technology, Poland

【015】Automatic Classification of Weld Cracks Using Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Methods

Prof. Ryszard Sikora

Szczecin University of Technology, Poland

【016】EM NDT&E for Water Pipe Integrity

Mr. Muma Kaba etc.

Newcastle University, UK
Advanced Engineering Solution Ltd, UK

Topic: Acoustics
【017】Material Characterization using Guided Plate Wave
Prof. Dale E. Chimenti
Iowa State University, USA

【018】Non-destructive Evaluation of Real Cracks by Linear and Nonlinear Surface Acoustic Waves

Prof. Peter Hess
University of Heidelberg, Germany

【019】Ultrasonic Imaging of Defects in Materials and Structures

Prof. Sohichi Hirose

Tokyo Institute of technology, Japan

【020】Application of Laser Based Ultrasonic Guided Wave for Evaluation of Wall Thinned Pipe

Prof. Joon Hyun Lee

Pusan National University, Korea
【021】Pulsed Thermographic NDE

Prof. D.P. Almond

University of Bath, UK
【022】Advances in Pulsed Thermography

Dr. Steven M. Shepard

Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc., USA

Topic: Application in Acoustic, etc.
【023】Computer Radiography Technology

Dr. Clinckemaillie Dirk
Ms. Kong Fanqin

GE Inspection Technology

【024】AE Monitoring During Aircraft Flight Loading Conditions Fatigue Test

Mr. Feng Jianfei

Nanchang Hang Kong Universty

【025】Fringe Pattern in Ultrasonic C-scan Image of C-sandwich Structure

Mr. Guo Guangping, Research fellow

Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM)

【026】Research on NDT Inspection and Safety Assessment Methods of Oil & Gas Station Pipeline Defects

Mr. Yuqin Wang 
Mr. Weibin Wang,

Petrochina Pipeline R & D Center

【027】Integrated NDT Techniques Used for the Study of the Evaluation for Cracks in weld Root Pass

 Ms. Li Lifei, lecturer
,          Mr. Chen Zhiqiang, Lecturer

Heibei University

【028】Research of Online Automated Recognition of the Assembly Structures Inside Complex Products

 Mr. Han Yaoping,  Lecturer

 North University of China

Topic: Guided Wave/Acoustic Technology

【029】Magnetostrictive Sensor (MsS) Technology and Its Application for  Guided-Wave Inspection and On-Line Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Dr. Hegeon Kwun
Mr. Zhao Peizheng

Southwest Research Institute, (SwRI) USA
Beijing Constant Technology, Inc.

【030】Application of Guided Wave Technology for Long Range Inspection of Oil and Gas Pipelines

Dr. Paul Jackson
Dr. Gary Penney


【031】Research on Inspection and Analysis Methods of Buried Gas Pipeline Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves

Mr. Yuqin Wang 
Mr. Weibin Wang,

Petrochina Pipeline R & D Center

【032】Study on the of Magnetostrictive Generated Guided Waves Signal Verification, the Method Based on Duffing Chaotic Oscillator

Ms. Zou Jun
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
【033】Ultrasonic Evaluation of Friction Stir Welding
Prof. Liu Songping etc.

China Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

【034】Multiple-View Ultrasonic Imaging Technique for Pipe Welds

Prof. Liu Songping etc.

China Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

Topic: NDT for Nuclear Power Station, RT, etc.

【035】Current NDT Research & Development for NPP Inspection

Mr. Bieder

IZFP NDT Institute,Germany

【036】Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Inspection and Alloy 600 Issue

Dr. Clayton E. Shaw

Westinghouse / WesDyne,USA

【037】Modern Digital Radiography Technology

Mr. Li Bo
Ms. Kong Fanqin

GE Inspection Technologies

【038】The Latest Progress and Standard System of Industrial CR Technology

Mr. Zhang Yiming,

Shanghai Yinghua NDT Equipment Co., Ltd

Topic: Acoustics
【039】Acoustic Chaos in Sonic Infrared Imaging

Prof. Lawrence D. Favro

Wayne State University, USA

【040】New Opportunities in Ultrasonic NDT via Contact Nonlinearity of Defects

Prof. Igor Solodov

University of Stuttgart, Germany
【041】New Aspect of Photothermal Spectrometry

Dr. Tzuguo Sawada

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

【042】A Perspective on NDE Science and Technology at IGCAR, India

Prof. B. Purna Chandra Rao

Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), India

【043】Characterization of Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanomaterials Using Near-Field Heterodyne Transient Grating Technique

Prof. Qing Shen

University of Electro-Communications, Japan

【044】Nondestructive Evaluation of thin Triboligical Coating Using High Frequency Ultrasound

Dr. Dong Fei

Mr. Douglas A. Rebinsky

Technical Center, Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL 61615, USA

Topic: Application in Electromagnetism

【045】The Function of Geomagnetic Field in the Metal Memory Method

Prof. Li Luming
Tsinghua University

【046】The Application of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing Technology for Pipings and Power Plant’s Boilers Inspection

Dr. Chen Fazhong

Wain-tsiang Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan

【047】Some Numerical Simulation Methods for Quantitative Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation

Prof. Chen Zhenmao

MOE Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration, Xi'an Jiaotong University

【048】Electromagnetic Testing Technology and Its Application
Mr. Chen Jingui

Xiamen IDEA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd  

【049】The Application of Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current Technology (SLOFECTM)in Nondestructive Testing

Dr. Chen Fazhong

Wain-tsiang Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan