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Presentations Introduced in the Fort
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   The main technical presentations introduced in the Forth Forum are listed below:   Presentatio



The main technical presentations introduced in the Forth Forum are listed below:

Presentation Title
Presented by
Topic: Summarization

【001】The Technical Research and Application View on Ultrasonic Testing Technologies

Madam Zhang Shuyi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Professor of Nanjing University, China


【002】The Technical Research and Application View on Radiographic Testing Technologies

Mr. Zheng Shicai, Researcher

Beijing Xinli Machinery Works, China


Topic: Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing

【003】Advances in Guided Wave Technology: New Solution to Old Inspection Problems

Dr. Alessandro Demma

Business Development Manager, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd., UK

【004】MsS Technology for Long Range Guided Wave Inspection and Monitoring of Large Structures

Dr. Hegeon Kwun

Southwest Research Institute, USA;

【005】Dynamics Response in Pipelines and Control Theory of Guided Wave Excitation

Dr. Tang Guoli
Xiamen University, China

【006】Magnetostrictive Sensor(MsS) Guided Wave Testing Technology for Piping Inspection

Prof. Wang Yuemin

PLA Navy Engineering University, China;


【007】The Application of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Testing on Seabed Oil Pipelines

Mr. Liu Weicheng

Jiangxi Province Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection & Testing Institute, China

Topic: TOFD Ultrasonic Testing

【008】Ultrasonic Automated Testing on Circumferential Welds of Pipings: Data Analysis and API Code

Mr. Ranby Fong,               General Manager


【009】Portable TOFD Testing Device for Welds Inspection and Its Application

Mr. Wang Zicheng, Researcher

Wuhan Zhongke Chuangxin Co., Ltd., China;


【010】The Preparation of Chinese Standard of TOFD Ultrasonic Testing for Special Equipment—JB/T 4730.3-2005

Dr. Zheng Hui

China Special Equipment Testing & Research Center

Topic: Ultrasonic Testing Application


【011】Ultrasonic Testing on Polyethylene Pipings Welds and Safety & Technical Assessment on Defects

Mr. Guo Weichan,       Senior Engineer

Zhijiang Province Special Equipment Inspection Center, China

Topic: Radiographic Testing

【012】The evaluation of the Automatic Testing System for Digital Radiographic  Imaging

Prof. Han Yan
North University of China

【013】The Equivalent Study between CR and Film Radiographic Testing

Prof. Tu Yaoyuan
East China University of Science & Technology

【014】The Industrial CT Technical Parameters Effecting the Performance Index

Prof. Zhang Chaozong

Tsinghua University, China

【015】The Examination & Application of Radiographic Testing on Tube-to tubesheet Welding Joints, presented

Mr. Qiang Tianpeng,  Senior Engineer,          Chief Engineer

Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute, China


【016】Introduction of Industrial Linear Accelerator and Its Application

Mr. Dong Xiaoping,   Senior Engineer in Professor Level

Research Institute of Automated Machine of Beijing; China

【017】The Summarization of the Standards of Digital Radiographic Imaging on Welds Testing

Mr. Zeng Xiangzhao,  Senior Engineer in Professor Level,

Guangdong Yingquan Steel Products Co., Ltd., China
Topic: Eddy Current Testing

【018】Nondestructive Testing and State Evaluation on the Large Diameter Pipings (Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Pipes & Steel Pipes), and Remote Field Eddy Current Testing

Dr. Brian Mergelas, President & CEO


Mr. Vincent Shen

Pressure Pipe Inspection Company, Canada;

Russell NDT System Inc., Canada


Topic: New Technologies &  Application

【019】Thermal Wave NDT Technology and Its Application
Prof. Wang Xun
Beijing Waiteksin Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., China
【020】Terahertz Wave NDT Technology and Its Application

Prof. Zhang Cunlin

Professor of Capital Normal University, China
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