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Presentations Introduced in the Thir
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The main technical presentations introduced in the third Forum are stated below:1. Modern Updated Automated Ultrasonic I

The main technical presentations introduced in the third Forum are stated below:

1. Modern Updated Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems, for Pre-service Heavy Wall Pressure Vessel Welds Inspection, presented by Mr. Steve Madera the president of Automated Inspection System Inc., USA;
2. The Application of CR & DR Testing Techniques in the Area of Industrial Nondestructive Testing, presented by Mr. Lu Xianhai and Mr. Chen Wenbin, the representatives of GE Technologies, USA;
3. Automatic RFT Eddy Current Testing System with Crawler, Used for Inspecting Water Cooling Boiler Tubes/Automatic RFT Eddy Current Testing System with Special Analysis Software/Ultrasonic Guided Wave Testing & Imaging Techniques Used in Corrosion Inspection/Portable & Manual TOFD Scanning & Imaging System Suitable for Sited Inspection, these topics made by Mr. Vincent Shen, the representative of Russell NDT System Inc., Canada;
4. The Research & Development on the Automatic Ultrasonic Testing System with Array Probes and Zonal Techniques, the Testing System Adopting TOFD Technology and Used in Special Equipment Inspection, presented by Mr. Wang Zicheng, Chief Engineer of Wuhan Zhongke Chuangxin Co., Ltd. of China;
5. A New Technique about Automatic Ultrasonic Testing Used for Pipings & Pipelines Inspection/Ultrasonic Phased Array Testing & Rapid Scanning Techniques and Application of ALOK Method, presented by Prof. Yuan Zhenming, the representative of De Hua Materials Testing Co., Ltd. of China;
6. Portable & Modular UT & ET Imaging Techniques for Welds Inspection, presented by Mr. Yu Jian, the representative of LEEPIPE Technologies Inc. of China;
7. The Principles of Film Digital Scanning and Engineering Application, presented by Prof. Yuan Peixin, Prof. Sun Zhongchen from Northeast University of China;
8. The Research/Development and Application of X-ray Linear Array Testing & Scanning System, presented by Prof. Sun Zhongchen from Lanzhou University of Science & Technology of China;
9. MT Techniques and MT System for Inspecting Short Distance Dead Zone/The Research of High Accuracy Multi-channel Spraying Water Coupling Thickness Determine Technique and Its Facilities, presented by Prof. He Fuyun from Hefei University of Technology of China;
10. Special NDT Techniques Developed by BASF, Used in the Inspection of Pressurized Equipment, presented by Dr. Gerhard Schuler, the Director of Plant Inspection/Material Engineering Div. of BASF, Germany;
11. New ET Techniques and Special ET Equipment for In-service Inspection of LDPE High Pressure Tubes, presented by Mr. Peter Rost, NDE Specialist of BASF, Germany.