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Warm greetings and welcomes from FENDT

FENDT2014 will be held at Chengdu, China, where is the original hometown of Panda and beautiful city in Sichuan, southwest of China in June 20-23. Special geographical feature of Chengdu will offer you countless opportunities for cultural events, fine cuisine, unique sightseeing, breathtaking architecture, and entertainment in general.

I am very privileged to serve as conference president and I would like you to accept my personal and warm invitation to enjoy your attendance. I believe you can take this opportunity to explore potential possibility collaborations with Chinese researchers and clients in the field of NDT&E.

I am definitely sure that with all your support, we would have a large and great conference during FENDT2014. Finally, I can guarantee that you and your company will find your stay exciting beyond the conference program.

Warm greetings and welcomesto all of you. 

We really look forward to having you!

On behalf of the FENDT 2014 Organizing Committee

Prof. Chunguang Xu, President of FENDT